Clamor of Harpies

My longest-running improv project, Clamor of Harpies is a bff squad and independent improv team that performs all over Philly, as well as being accepted into Baltimore's XFest and the San Diego Improv Festival.

Philly Improv Theater's Free Sunday Improv Jam

The consistently-packed Free Improv Jam I hosted every week at Philly Improv Theater ran for two and a half years, and created a welcoming, supportive and fun improv show that let anyone play, no experience required! With themes every week like "lines from great literature," "romance novel titles," to inspiration from the Game of Life and Scrabble--or my all-time favorite theme, the movie Bird Box--jams were fun for the players and audiences alike. 

Chimera: the Three Mad Rituals

Chimera is an improv show that takes you through Del Close's Three Mad Rituals--one improv show combining three classic forms of improv (The Deconstruction, The Movie, The Harold). Chimera had a month-long run at Philly Improv Theater in 2019 and participated in the Free Fringe Philly Festival (where we put on a show in historic Laurel Hill Cemetery!). 

Check out the calendar for show dates and times!

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